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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/06/2015

Bright ideas for lighting solutions

As Gavin Stoker discovers, there's a wide range of lighting solutions to cater for every photographer's creative desires

When it comes to lighting, the choices are literally illuminating. Your options largely depend on budget, practicality, plus the location/environment you're shooting in and, naturally, the subject you're photographing. Easy to set up and simple to utilise are usually the main concerns when purchasing lights, light-shaping tools and backdrops - whilst effectiveness and affordability are right up there too as considerations when laying down cold, hard cash. While flash heads or LEDs may be sexier, light-modifying tools and system accessories are also important ammunition for a photographer's craft, so we're including them here too. So where do you go to buy? There are main specialist distributors and suppliers, and even those who sell direct, including less familiar names perhaps such as Ianiro lighting accessories. Each are detailed here and should be able to match your requirements, whether you're looking for flash, a constant light source, or choosing between tungsten and LED.


Viewfinder Photography
Leicester based Viewfinder Photography has a plethora of solutions to both shape and deliver artificial light - as well as provide backdrops to your portraits. A case in point is Viewfinder's new tough, pro series, vinyl backdrop that come with a weight of 750gsm to make it what the company claims is the 'toughest around'. Naturally this comes in a range of sizes and prices to match, dependent on what you are trying to achieve. These are available in Arctic white, chroma green and storm grey, with prices stretching between £75 for a 2x4m backdrop to £183 for a 3x6m, both prices including VAT. Black, standard grey and white along with painted backgrounds round off the range in offering something for everyone.

On top of the tough pro series, Viewfinder is also offering wrinkle-free type backdrops, with a chroma green screen added to the range along with black and white. Viewfinder says that the velvet/fleece type material helps provide an even light distribution. Again different sizes and prices are selectable, ranging from £48 inc VAT for a 1x6m Velcro fix white wrinkle-free background to £154.80 inc VAT for a double-sided velvet type collapsible background green and blue 'train'.

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