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Published 01/06/2015

Also perfect for the location photographer are Viewfinder's own-brand range of quick-assemble soft-boxes, with VAT-inclusive prices again ranging from an affordable £46.80 for a 95cm S-fit Octabox to £286.80 for a quick and easily-to-set-up strip lite soft-box at 30x200cm in size.

In terms of lighting heads, Viewfinder's current light head in the Coreflash CF-D300 Pro beauty kit is mains powered. However, it does come in a travel case, suggesting suitability for location-based shoots where access to a power source is available. Pricing is £298.80 inc VAT. Alternatively the outfit notes that it does stock most of the major lighting brands too - including the popular Bowens Gemini heads - so well worth checking out the range online at the below URL or calling direct on 0116 2760000.


One of the hardy perennials when it comes to supplying photographers with lighting kits, the current recommendation when it comes to the Lastolite range is the triangular-shaped TriFlip 7:1 kit, priced at £148.95. The pitch here is that it is six surfaces in the same bag (thanks to surfaces being reversible), with a size when opened of 75cm, from handle to opposite edge. It also collapses to a third of size for transportation and a carry bag is included in the deal. Double-coated reflective surfaces are said to prevent cracks or splits with constant use and the provided handle is there to ensure it can be used with one hand, allowing the other to operate your camera. In the kit you get one 75cm TriGrip twostop diffuser, and a second TriGrip Gold/White reflector of the same dimensions. There's also one double sides, reversible TriFlip cover offering a choice of Sunlight/Sunfire and Silver/Soft silver.

In terms of actual lighting kits, Lastolite can offer social photographers the Lumen 8 Flash Head F400, which, at £226.95, is a 400 watt photographic flash head with the feature of auto 'dumping' for quick light output changes. A 100-watt modelling bulb acts as a guide for the photographer and it comes with the option of switching the power for the modelling light, to either full or proportional.

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