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Published 01/06/2015


Westcott Omega Reflector and Basics D5
Distributed in the UK by Johnsons Photopia/JP Distribution, these products are pitched as being perfect for location lighting. First up is the 38x45 inch standard or, thanks to a removable centre frame, shootthrough Omega Reflector, with attachable or detachable Velcro panels. The claim is that by using just one light source there's the ability to produce a main light plus back light and create beauty-style lighting quickly and easily, with catch-lights said to make eyes 'pop'. Suction cups are included for mounting to glass and a travel case with shoulder strap is included for the £120 suggested price.

If you're looking to mount it on a stand, go for the all-metal Illuminator Extreme Arm, an accessory that at £95 allows the mounting of Omega and Westcott reflectors up to 72 inches wide. Featuring two telescopic sections, the product collapses down to 34 inches. Next up, the Rapid Box Duo as the name suggests offers the ability to mount up to two speedlights. For £320, features include a highly reflective silver interior, umbrella-style frame and bundled travel case. Provided metal mount/tilting brackets allow for adjustment and use with even the largest speedlights, it is claimed. The output and direction of rapid Box Duo can itself be modified via another accessory - a durable 40° grid at £420. Focus light through the grid to avoid lens flare or soften a large light source. Next up, the Westcott Pocket Pack comprises a compact reflector and one-stop diffuser to softenharsh overhead light. The product folds down to less than six inches when placed in its supplied travel case. Cost here is an affordable £24.


Also relatively new from the Westcott brand and slotting into its 'Basics' line up is the D5, described as an ultra powerful constant light solution that won't break the bank, at a suggested retail price of £120. Five ceramic sockets ranged around the unit can support a daylight-balanced lamp of up to 50 watts. Five separate switches are located at the rear of the light head, each one controlling a single lamp. To direct and control the output of the Basics D5, Westcott further offers custom D5 modifiers, including 24x32 inch rectangular soft-box, a 16x40 inch strip-bank, plus a 32 inch octabox. These modifiers are constructed with reflective silver interiors, durable heat-resistant rods, and one-stop diffusion panels.

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