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Published 01/06/2015


Broncolor Siros
Elegant in appearance, the compact, Swiss-made Siros is Broncolor's new monobloc unit, which has been specially crafted to appeal to all levels of photographer. Although Broncolor has already got a sizeable reputation for high-quality and highspecification products, this is often accompanied with the reputation of being expensive and therefore exclusive to professionals or the wealthy amateur; however, the pitch with Siros is that it is both highquality yet affordable.

In fact arguably the cost of the Siros is much nearer to the outlay associated with the likes of Bowens and Elinchrom than Broncolor's usual fare - therefore members of The Societies will certainly want to consider its benefits. Namely that Siros lights are available in a choice of 400 watt and 800 watt units, plus, while the Siros lights are mains powered, they are compatible with the same manufacturer's 'Powerbox' battery generator (or the more mainstream Godox system) for using when out on location.


There are two options for the Siros: the basic model or the 'S' model. Whilst the basic models still offer good performance and colour stability, the 'S' model offers faster flash durations and recycling times which it achieves by using the same 'cut-off' technology as the Scoro power packs. Broncolor claims that the Siros S can therefore be seen as a one output Scoro E power pack.

Additionally, the units can be ordered with in-built wi-fi connectivity allowing for an iPhone/iPad/Android device to control the lights remotely. There is also a PocketWizard option that allows the Siros to support not only PocketWizard triggering but also HyperSync (see Montizambert in this issue and front cover) - suggesting this is a comprehensive and creatively flexible system all round. Price is from £828 for a Siros 400. Broncolor says each kit comes supplied with a compact 'flash bag' trolley case.

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