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Published 01/06/2015


Bowens LED Light Cube & Gemini Flash
At a suggested £540 for the one, Bowens is making impressive claims for its hybrid LED Light Cube, an almost retro looking device. The pitch here is that it is set to revolutionise the shooting of stills and video, whether on location or in studio. Developed by Australian outfit IC12, it's claimed to be the world's first high-end yet portable and interlocking LED flash and constant light source, with the major benefit of a recycling time of zero seconds. Providing a stable daylight colour temperature and pumping out 150 watts or 5,000 lumens of light, running time is 45 minutes from a single battery charge when used as a video light (spare batteries can be purchased for £53).


Adjustable flash speed ranges from one second to 1/8000th sec. Further features include an interchangeable slot-in battery, while the unit itself can be used as a standalone light source or, thanks to the interlocking feature, can form one component of a bigger bank of light. As a result, the LED Light Cube is being sold as a single product or in sets of two (at £830) or four (at £1,600). Another advantage is that the lighting settings only need to be set on the one cube for the others to match the settings, while, as no internal fan is required, operation is silent - so a real bonus for any video work alongside stills.

Also worth checking out from the Bowens range are its 'Gemini' flash kits, of which the 400RX is the smallest, so said to be good for location photography. This comes with a recommended retail price of £322, so making for a solid entry-level option. Or if you want an affordable complete set-up, go for the kit option that includes two heads - hence the 'Gemini' branding - plus bag and stands for £619. In terms of providing power when you're out on location there is the Bowens Travelpak for the Gemini range, with options starting at £450.

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