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Published 01/06/2015


Profoto B2
Designed to be able to push the boundaries on a fast and hectic location shoot and make the jobs of wedding and portrait photographers a little easier, Profoto's new B2 (following on from the popular B1) off-camera flash was recently voted 'Best Pro Lighting System' by a collective of European photo press for the annual TIPA Awards (Technical Image Press Association).

The B2 is described as a lighter, more portable counterpart to Profoto's B1 off-camera flash, successfully launched back in 2013, and itself a former TIPA winner. Comprising a battery pack and a head, with the battery light enough to be worn on the shoulder or hip, the B2 can either be mounted onto a monopod or camera bracket to allow the photographer to keep moving and working relatively fast. Alternatively the suggestion is to place both light and battery pack on a stand and wirelessly control them from the camera. The head is of the same size and weight as a speedlight, while being five times more powerful - so immediately the kit's advantage is plain to see.


TTL and HSS compatibility is offered with both Canon and Nikon cameras, but, place it in manual mode, and the B2 also works with most other brands. The 250Ws B2 Head can be set in a wide 9-stop energy range and has a fast recycle time ranging from 0.03 to 1.35 seconds. The B2 can also be used with Profoto's entire assortment of Light-Shaping Tools. This means that photographers can choose from more than 150 different tools and shape the B2's light into almost any light imaginable.

As a case in point, the Profoto B2 also boasts compatibility with the same manufacturer's new OCF Light-Shaping Tools which are also smaller, more lightweight and comprised of fewer parts making them fast and easy to mount and to use. Said assortment comprises four new softboxes, a new Grid Kit, a new Snoot and a new Barndoor.

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