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by Tom Lee Published 01/02/2001


Colour Correction In the event that you need to make minor adjustments for different paper types, I have reproduced a simple Colour Circle table to aid in correcting colour casts in your different media.

By increasing the Main Colour you decrease the intensity of the Complimentary Colour, or reduce the Complimentary colour to achieve the same effect.

For example: If you have a greenish cast (look at the greys) you can either Add more Magenta or Reduce Cyan and Yellow in equal amounts.


Final Words

If you have persevered, and not taken too many Asprin, you should be able to set up profiles for any combination of papers and inks, and get excellent results. No one said it was easy, or everybody would be doing it, however it really is worth the effort when you see the end result, and you only have to do it once unless you change any of your existing equipment. Happy printing.


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1st Published 01/02/2001
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