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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2016


Paper Transport

We found the media too thick to transport automatically in the sheet feeder of our Epson 4900 (it is outside the limit of 270 microns in the specification after all!). It fed OK using the Rear Manual feeder.

The is slightly problematic for high-volume use (where a roll feed is recommended). Rolls are available in 17-, 24-, 36-, 44- and 50-inch widths all of 50 foot length except the sample 24-inch roll at 10 feet.

Sheets are available in US imperial sizes and metric sizes of A4, A3, A3+,A2 and a 17" x 22" variant.


Base Characteristics

The properties of the base coating are tabled. In summary, there is a modest amount of optical brightener giving a Fluorescence reading of 5.8 which is slightly higher than we would regard as a 'low' setting (as described in the literature), it is right in the middle of the range in our database. There is a modest lift in the spectral trace at 440nm and very visible activity in the UV booth.

The Whiteness just topped the 100% mark at 101.1%.

The base tone is 1.6 points cool in D50 light and so for all practical purposes it is a neutral base tone which looks very slightly creamy if you are used to looking at brightened papers!

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