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by Ron Pybus Published 01/04/2010

Part 18 and the final chapter on the business aspects of being a successful photographer by Ron Pybus ma aswpp

In my last article I talked about ensuring that you plan for the future and be ready for all eventualities. I also said thatI would not be replacing any computers in the final three years before I retired. How wrong could I have been! Soon after I had written the article my wife and I had a longcommittee meeting about our future and we made some major decisions. Firstly we had purchased a second home in Snowdonia earlier in the year and by November we cameto the conclusion that we wanted to spend more time there than we had in the first few months.

We then came to the conclusion that we should stop running training courses. There were plenty of people running all glitz and glamour courses, costing small fortunes and with massive promotion budgets.Our more down-to-earth, detailed practical advice was no longer matching the aspirations of new 'photographers' coming in from other industries who had been attracted by very high profit margins foraverage quality work. Reality, it seemed, was not what was required by many people. No courses meant more time in Wales.

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1st Published 01/04/2010
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