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by Tom Lee Published 01/10/2012


During a recent workshop in Ireland I was 'challenged' to produce something in a room with no windows! Well really - only in Dublin. The cavernous space was very poorly lit with only tungsten ceiling lights from downlighters, so I cheated a little...I used a single, continuous daylight balanced light source to simulate a small window approximately 12' from the group. Once accepted, I had no option but to prove the system worked.

I'm pleased to say that the dissidents were put in their place, much to their astonishment. See images on the right.


My studio backgrounds now rarely see the light of day as my system is in constant use. The new Litering, although more efficient, is hardly noticed by any of my sitters and also provides less reflectance than the Mk 1 ring.

The chromakey system is designed to be used with constant light sources but can be used effectively with ambient lighting and with some care, flash lighting. (See techy stuff in the call-out box, right - Ed.).

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