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by Tom Lee Published 01/10/2012


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To give you a head start on how to light and photograph your subjects using constant and flash light sources, I have written two data sheets which can be downloaded directly from my website. You will need to type the following into your address bar as there is no direct link There are three main kits I recommend for event and studio photographers which are:

Deskshoot Lite Standard Kit (£999 plus VAT and carriage) - includes an 8' curtain, Dual Litering, Controller, Power lead, set of 4 adapter rings to suit most lens sizes. The battery is not supplied by Reflecmedia but can be bought off the web for about £30.

Wideshoot Standard Kit (£1,925 plus VAT and carriage) - as the Deskshoot Lite Kit but with a 12' curtain.

Chromaflex Popup - (£1,725 plus VAT and carriage) - as the Deskshoot Lite Kit but no curtain. The background is similar to a Lastolite popup portable with sprung steel frame and carrying bag.


All items can be bought online directly from Reflecmedia via their website: or by using the link button from my website:

Sales and product information can be obtained from Calvin Holdcroft atReflecmedia 01606 593 911 or I will be available to handle all technical queries and after sales training in respect of purchases from Reflecmedia.

0151 336 8216

FXHome Photokey 5 Pro retails at £225 including a 'Try for Free' option on their website: and will soon be available on the Chromakey site also, enabling you to buy all in one place.

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