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by Tom Lee Published 01/10/2012


Choosing the right background means that any further work on the image is not required or minimal at worst, as the keying of the two files (foreground/background) is generally seamless. There are occasions where there are difficult clients or the chosen background has some fringing artefacts when the sitter is keyed in. Under the new keying menu, highquality keys can be made or adjusted using the matting controls (Photo 12). Separate sliders are provided for foreground and background matting and also gamma adjustment. The background slider is used to defringe the stray shadows or dirt patterns that become visible under certain lighting situations. The foreground slider minimises any colour contamination from the subject or sitter being photographed, including colour reflections caused by the Litering on dark clothing. This was particularly used on my image of the three stooges in my classroom challenge. Additional images taken in the 'art nude' workshop in Dublin were composited entirely in Photokey 5 Pro in very short order (Photos 13 and14).

Even with difficult subjects, keying is remarkably quick and easy to do by someone with little experience. Staff training is kept to a minimum and profits can be maximised with quick turnarounds at every event.


With studio work such as my own, complex keying due to semi-transparentclothes or fabrics can be easily achieved in a fraction of the time. Alright, any new software takes time to master and maximise the benefit - you need to practise, just like Photoshop or Lightroom. Don't take it out of the box and use it on your first gig, that's just asking for trouble, but it really doesn't take long. The videos on the FXHome Photokey site will give you a great head start.

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