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by Charlie Kaufman Published 01/08/2016


'In the past photographers would have to buy one of my floors and then a coordinated background,' he recalls. 'Photographer Elli Cassidy, now one of our Click Props ambassadors and a Team Bowens educator, actually brought the idea to me at the end of one of our Bowens Academy sessions together - more exciting news on that next year - and has two of my '"Make Mine a Doubles". We've sold over 200 of them since January. The good thing about Click is we're a small company so we are able to listen to our customers and react in an instant.'

A case in point is Click's latest - and largest - background in the Maxi +, which follows on from the 9-and-a half feet high 'Maxi'. As its name suggests, 'This is one of the biggest vinyls you can buy anywhere in the world, at three metres wide and 2.44 high, or near enough 10ft x 8ft.,' says Charlie. 'That now gives photographers the opportunity to use our backgrounds for family portraiture and weddings - and we'll have 50 more designs by Photokina. It's a bigger size, but not big money.'

Listening to feedback yet again, Click Props will launch a sixth new size of background at Photokina, which Charlie pitches as a Make Mine a Double, but bigger still.

'It's going to be another combo background that will link our Maxi to our 5ft background. It will be 7ft wide, so big enough for fashion and family portraiture, but the height will only be 8ft. The floor, which will blend with it, will be 5ft protruding from the back. The product will sit in between what we have already and there will be about 40 different designs; we believe it will capture the imagination of all the mobile photographers.'


Charlie makes the point

that all his backgrounds feature metal eyelets at the top for strength, always located in the same place, so any photographers who have already been using Click's products for the past five will be able to seamlessly integrate the new ones. 'You only need picture hooks to hang ours, because they have the metal eyelets,' he notes, but they can also be attached to any background support stand using clamps and/or attached to existing studio background roller cores, so photographers can bring them up or down with ease. Charlie adds that, in terms of trends, the pastel colours and Old Masters are doing well. 'Fine art and children's portraiture is massive at the moment, so we've already started designing a load of Old Masters and modern takes on Old Masters. The other thing that is in at the moment are pale flowers and autumn shades, plus we've also brought in superhero designs and blackboards.'

Backgrounds to hang with In all, Click Props offers a choice of 350 backgrounds presently; that number swelling to 400 by September. They're also incredibly mobile, which is where pro photographer Ross Grieve comes in, who wanted some backgrounds for a promotional tour with Panasonic of National Trust properties, and ended up using six throughout lasts spring and summer. 'They loved shooting with them,' Charlie recalls, 'and want to work closer with us later this year.'

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