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by Charlie Kaufman Published 01/08/2016


For his part, Ross notes that Click backgrounds 'are a fantastic bit of kit. I've used them for shoots at

the National Trust and all the time in the studio. I'm going to be doing a big shoot with them, where I'm wanting a Vogue-esque look. The bonus is that you can start with a brick wall and five minutes later have transformed it into something that looks like a room; the backdrops even have skirting boards printed on them. People thought I had redecorated the studio! So they give me the option to make a change, which is easy to do. It's the 9ft 'Maxi' I've got. And because they're a vinyl, you can vomit on them,' he jokes, 'and they're pretty durable.'

Charlie Kaufman adds that the Panasonic connection led to Click Props working with fellow photographer Emma Drabble, who used a Make Mine a Double Gothic Tapestry backdrop to give a vintage look to her shoot at the Newborn Baby Show, which Charlie says 'worked brilliantly well.'


Emma tells us that prior to Click Props accessories, she was using Calumet's muslin backdrops. 'But the good thing about Click Props is that they are wipe clean,' she says, echoing Ross Grieve. 'Just at the weekend I did a shoot for street dogs of Indonesia; that's the sort of setting where they are the perfect solution as they are something you don't mind getting a bit mucky. I've used them for a shoot in barn, where there is dust, there is dirt and you can just wipe them clean, whereas if you wash muslin cloths they are ruined, really. So that's where Charlie's backgrounds are fantastic plus he's got such a wide range. The shoot I was doing had a rocking horse with the children on it, and I wanted a lot of very 'woody' and muted tones. There were no obvious issues with light reflection coming off, which you'd assume there would be because they are a vinyl material. So he's obviously thought it through! They're a really good product. I'm now looking at his larger backgrounds because I'm very interested in using them for some equine work. For horses again you need something solid on the floor; I'd also recommend the bigger the better, really. You want to allow for freedom and travel within the shoot, and allow space for movement.'

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