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by Sean Conboy Published 01/01/2014


The dedicated architectural photographer has always had to be on top of technique and a master of lighting, and in this digital age Sean Conboy is proving that it's possible to combine traditional and modern skills.

The architectural photographer of old had to be one of the most skilled technicians in the professional field, with a detailed knowledge of large-format camera movements so that such things as depth of field and perspective could be closely controlled, while lighting was another area that had to be comprehensively understood. An interior might be lit with a number of different sources, and these would need to be compensated for and maybe filtered to avoid colour casts, while extra light might need to be added to lift areas of shadow and to achieve a balanced-looking result.

While digital technology has come along and simplified so many areas, the fact remains that those intending to photograph buildings for a living still need to be advanced technicians, while the cameras they use, in many respects, would be familiar to those who might have earned their living in Victorian times. This is not an area where a hobbyist could earn a little extra pocket money working at weekends with a DSLR: rather it calls for skills that have to be honed over many years, and to observe a specialist such as Sean Conboy at work is to appreciate a craftsman who is at the very top of his game.

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