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by Charlie Kaufman Published 01/10/2012


"The main reason for being part of the Click Group is that we generate you new clients and you can make money from up-selling," outlines Charlie.

"That's the be-all-and-end-all, whether you're part of Click, which is family portraiture, gift experiences and national promotions, or Fresh, or Boudoir by Fresh. Some of our photographers are members of all of them.

"My company has generated over a quarter of a billion pounds for UK photographers. Nobody else has ever achieved that. I've now got an arsenal of photographers earning about £20 million a year from us." The bad news for those independents not already subscribing, however, is that national membership for the above groups has already reached saturation point, with the only currently area vacancy for both Click and Fresh being that of Pembroke in Wales.

"The fact that we're almost fully subscribed is a testament to our success," notes Charlie. "We're very hands on with helping photographers get better, and existing members have, over the past two years, actually opened second or third studios to plug the gaps that used to exist. Over half the group have been with us over 10 years."


However, the better news is that Charlie is currently recruiting interested independents to his newest 'Bump 2 Baby' Group - the SWPP's official baby promotion and competitor to the MPA's Cherub scheme - and is also launching a new division: Click Props.

The innovative Bump 2 Baby Group is free to join for SWPP members, saving you £50 off the bat, and meaning the only thing you pay for up front is whichever post code/s you choose to operate within. "Four post codes is £20, so it's all small money," confirms Charlie. "And then photographers pay as little as 50 pence per lead. All the data comes from Bounty, the UK's largest mother-to-be database. We have all of the data for women who are six months pregnant and all of the data for children turning one and turning two in the country. We buy it and we sell it and are less than half the cost of the MPA, which is our biggest selling point.

And once again it's all about making money for photographers."

At the time of writing there were already 380 studios on board for Bump 2 Baby. "Studios on average get about four to five per cent conversion on any leads we provide which, considering they're direct mailing clients, is roughly what it should be," the CEO adds. "But we give them all the tools."

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1st Published 01/10/2012
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