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by Art Suwansang Published 01/06/2012

Now that our computers are turning into our own lab and digital darkroom, we have to put more emphasis into colour management and accuracy. Two of the most important devices in the editing process that require the most attention are the display and/or projector. They are responsible for the way our colours are reproduced on the screen in various programs and in turn the final output, whether it be website, print, billboard, etc. Being colour accurate is as important as ever.

The equipment that we used to calibrate our displays has improved throughout the years. They have become faster, more reliable, and accurate, with improved lens and filter technology even with the entry-level consumer devices. A quick background to start us off: there are primarily two types of device on the market with the ability to calibrate and profile our displays and projectors, a colour spectrophotometer and a colourimeter, the difference being that the colour spectrophotometer will also do paper profiling and measure object colours; whereas the colourimeter is limited to only display and projector calibration.

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1st Published 01/06/2012
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