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by Mike McNamee Published 10/04/2015


In order to compare the CSC with DSLR we have compiled a table of key parameters for four cameras as follows:

  • The Olympus OM-D E-M5 representing one of the newest 4/3 format cameras of conventional SLR shape, albeit smaller.
  • The Fuji X Pro 1 representing a mature design of CSC built around a rangefinder-like chassis and with a reputation of superlative optical performance.
  • The Sony A7 which, although compact, contains a full 35mm chip.
  • The Nikon D4s representing a big solid, robust digital SLR with a fast motor drive and a full 35mm chip.

In the table opposite the key differences are highlighted: green for an advantage, red for a disadvantage.

We analysed the weights of a camera body and an f2.8 standard zoom to gauge the difference in how much metal/glass is hanging around your neck. The DSR is more than twice the weight, in the case of the 4/3 Olympus pushing three times. In days of restricted carry-on weight on airlines this can be vitally important, it certainly influences the kind of gear a photographer might take on holiday.


Battery Life
The light weight of the CSC allows no spare room for a large battery and this limits the frame life to less than 400 frames in most cases compared with more than 3,000 for a pro DSLR. The batteries are small though and so tucking a spare in your pocket or gadget bag is not a real problem. An add-on battery pack assists with grip and trebles the battery life to around 1,000 frames.

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1st Published 10/04/2015
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