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by Matthew Neve Published 01/10/2010

Copyright law is there to protect your images and prevent you taking credit for other people's work. If you just apply a little bit of common sense when working with images on the internet you will not run into any hiccups and you will be fully protected should a nefarious individual decide to flout copyright law and reproduce your images for their own purposes.

There are a number of issue that photographers face in their day-today activities, from people stealing images from websites to customers scanning the photographers' images and popping down to their local Asda or Tesco. People even send images online to be developed without the photographers' permission.

The supermarkets are supposed to check that images are the copyright of the customer or whether they have stolen them from the photographer. Simplistically, if an image is stamped with the name of the photographer then the supermarket is charged with ensuring that the person before them is that photographer.

I decided to set out on a challenge to test some of these supermarkets and smaller developing stores to see if I would be challenged over copyright issues.

The photograph used was a studio photograph of my daughter and a previous client, which I popped onto a memory card and the following was the result:

· I tested five different Tesco stores with no challenges over the photographs. They were handed straight over to me.

· I tested three different Boots stores, again no challenges.

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1st Published 01/10/2010
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