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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2012


TPO sample invoice with letterhead

Before you start inputting names, dates and phone numbers, the program suggests changing your user name and password to something memorable - so far, all so user friendly, as promised in the program's original pitch. But, once you've done the initial faffy stuff, you can have the program up and running within 10 seconds with a simple click of the relevant desktop icon and input of user name and password. On doing this you're met with an opening Tasks window divided up into four sections: Reminders, Birthdays & Anniversaries, Calendar and Workflow. This is where you can chase a prospective client, close a sale, and, as it sounds, promote your services to people who have birthdays coming up and then track the progress. Setting a reminder simply involves clicking on the New Reminder icon whereupon a secondary smaller window opens into which you input the details. Once done we were looking for a 'save' button here - but none is provided; instead you either close the window or delete the reminder. As a further belt to the program's braces, when quitting TPO proper you'll be asked if you want to make a back-up - indeed an automatic back-up feature is a first for TPO version 8.4.

Our conclusions As with any program that claims to get you organised, there is a lot of initial inputting required and it took us a couple of weeks to even begin to get familiar with TPO, so you'll want to put a bit of time and patience aside if you want to dive in and really make the most of its features. Whether that's time you feel you have available is another question. But once you've gone through the initial slog of inputting clients' details, contacts, times and dates, slowly, gradually, you'll be left with the peace of mind of a business that - as long as you keep the program updated - almost begins to run itself. And there's far less chance of misplacing a whole software program than there is losing a crucial Postit note down the back of your desk.

To get started with The Photographic Organiser (TPO) for yourself, direct your browser straight to the URL below: You might also like to take a look at the online helpdesk for TPO too, which rovides some general FAQ answers:

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