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by Norman Phillips Published 01/05/2001


When visiting my old country from here in the USA for both business and pleasure, sometimes presenting seminars and workshops and talking to professional photographers, I hear a lot of unjustified pessimism about the prospects of getting new business. A common retort to some of my suggestions is ". . It wont work here". Another photographers theme has been that people wont spend the money. Well, I have news for you. There are many here in the USA with similar misconceptions. And if I had the same negative perception I would not be writing this article.


The truth is there are a very significant percentage of the United States population that "won't spend the money" and an equally significant percentage that do not value photographic artistry. This segment of our diverse market are more likely to visit the one hour studios and spend money with the mass marketers and promoters of inexpensive photography. This is most likely little different to what happens in the UK.

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1st Published 01/05/2001
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