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by Norman Phillips Published 01/05/2001


In every market, even in those that appear to be low on the disposable income ladder, there are potential clients. They are those that my mother taught me by her buying philosophy. She never spent her money on cheap goods and services. She demonstrated that saving her pennies until she could afford to buy quality that lasted five to ten times longer than alternatives at half the price was not only more economical, it created an image that had style and a quality way beyond our means. We have to market to this type of potential client unless we want to be mass marketers. If you choose to be like the fisherman with a large net scooping up masses of little fish, good luck to you. Personally, I am looking to catch the big fish. In my case less is more.


In the nearly eighteen years since my studio opened hear in the upscale Chicago north shore, I have sought not just to be better but also, to be different. Being creative has been a prerequisite. I can admire the skills and techniques of my professional colleagues and as a judge at international competitions I have seen some superb images. But I have never sought to ape or copy them. Instead I have used them as inspiration to create images that make me uniquely different. I aim to create excitement in my market place. I want to stop people in their tracks and make them look in awe. I aim to create desire that can be converted into want and need.

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1st Published 01/05/2001
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