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by Norman Phillips Published 01/05/2001


To create excitement in portrait and wedding photography we have to be bold and be prepared to break the mold. Our high key portraiture is a mesh of character and personality images and creative fantasy. We move our clients into new ideas and styles as we seek to make every session uniquely different. We create dream maker style images that are truly one of a kind. I don't want my market to think our work is nice. Nice is not good enough. It has to see us as really special. My studio has to be the leader in my market. At the same time, hopefully, there will also be other photographers doing well so that potential clients have something to compare us with.


In wedding photography, combining good portraiture in a relaxed style and the spontaneity of the photojournalist and insuring we produce uniquely different images is crucial to booking weddings at the highest price. We do not book more than one in ten inquiries. We have no interest in booking weddings that do not have a significant net profit built into the contract. The days when we would do this are long gone. Only those who truly value the very best in wedding photography are our clients. We prefer to spend our premium days in the studio shooting four to six portrait sessions that we know will gross more than a wedding and at a lower cost. So any wedding we book must provide us with a margin adequate to be worth one of us leaving the studio for the day. But we can only achieve this goal if we are different, not just better. Being just better makes the choice a marginal client decision.

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1st Published 01/05/2001
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