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by Norman Phillips Published 01/05/2001


If anyone asks my advice as to how to create an admired image I would suggest attending as many seminars as possible and take careful note of what our professional colleagues are showing. Mentally record the great images that others make and use them as inspiration. Learn as many techniques as you can and make them second nature so that you can apply them in an instant when the opportunity presents itself. Frankly, when someone tells me they cannot afford to attend a seminar by a reputed presenter I am obliged to suggest they cannot afford not to. If you do not invest there are no returns. Talent alone is not enough. There is no substitute for know how. Some ask why, when I have all those letters after my name, I still attend seminars and workshops. I say it is why I have all those letters after my name. No one can ever hope to know all there is to know and there is so much to learn.


Personally, my mind is creating images non-stop. I have mental images that I am awaiting an opportunity to create and I want to be ready when they occur. I am open-minded and listen and observe. There is no other way. I cannot afford to be one-dimensional. So be alert, learn, break the mold, and take chances, push the envelope, be creative be your own unique self. When you have created your own special image you will essentially have no competition. Go for it and collect the rewards that await those that have the courage to succeed.

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1st Published 01/05/2001
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