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by David Beckstead Published 01/06/2007


The next night, as I showed my imagery to everyone who attended the shoot, I could tell by the oohs and ahhs that I was successful. The risk was worth it! I tried something different and it worked!

I think there is much stronger satisfaction knowing you took the jump and landed, than if you never left the ground.


Epilogue: After the shoot I questioned three of my close photographer friends about my shoot and also about my evolution in imagery style from the last seven years. I was surprised at what they told me! One said, "The desert shoot and imagery was pure Beckstead!" One said that I have stayed true to my style and they loved the shots. One said that stylistically I have not changed very much but my imagery has improved dramatically. All photographers stated that one thing they loved about my work was the consistent artistry. That was good news and possibly bad news at the same time. Looking at myself, I see tons of change and risk in my compositions. Yet others see a 'Beckstead signature' with my imagery. Many say they can pick a Beckstead shot out of a line-up every time. That is hard for me to believe! So it is possible that I did not take as big a risk as I said I was going to take at the lake-bed. I have tried to master motion for seven years. I have had seven years of practice. I think the risk was still worth the rewards! I am going to hold onto a phrase that I think may guide me in the future: Consistent Artistry. I learned from that desert shoot! I learned many things!

To sm up: Be different.
Take a path less travelled.
Take risks. Develop your own style.
Learn from everything and everyone.
Create consistent artistry.
Keep shooting. Never stop!

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