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by Dennis Orchard Published 01/10/2012


My first instinct was to leave my reply email as it was and presumably Nick and Hannah would move on to contact some other photographer, who would accept their bait. But the professional in me did not want an opportunity like this to slip through my grasp without a fight, so I continued my email by outlining a quote which included my top package price, together with travel costs. I think I also said that I would be happy with a room in a friend's house to save them the expense of a hotel room. I also pointed out that I worked alone and could quite easily cover their wedding without an assistant/wife and that the combined total of this quote would be not far off their original offer of an allexpenses trip for two.


The email sent, I heard nothing more for two weeks, and I concluded that they had found another photography couple who had accepted their offer. I always follow up enquiries with a final email asking if my services are still required, so I sent off an email more in hope than expectation and was pleasantly surprised to get a message by return from Nick saying:


Just to keep you update, I am due to be signing the contract with the location this evening so I should be able to come back to you tomorrow.

Thanks, Nick & H

RESULT! I was over the moon! I am no stranger to destination weddings and have worked in the past in Estonia, Singapore, Santorini, Las Vegas and Bahrain. The prospect of a November wedding in Dubai, compared with sitting watching TV in cold rainy Great Britain, was very appealing.

But the deal was not done yet. I keep a lot of 'albums' of my work on my Facebook page. These albums all have a link code at the bottom of the page and are a quick and easy way to send samples of your work to prospective clients. I choose the Bahrain wedding and the Santorini shoot, copied and pasted the links and sent them back to Nick along with an invitation for him to call me to discuss options as soon as the contract was signed. He replied that he was going on a business trip the following day but that Hannah would give me a call.

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