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by Dennis Orchard Published 01/10/2012


Now I have always found that to talk to a groom about a wedding is to talk along the lines of 'how much?...HOW MUCH!!' but a conversation with a bride will be all about the wedding. I believe that one of my UPS's is my ability to listen and allay any anxieties that clients may have about being in front of the camera. My job is to reassure and listen to their concerns.

The following day Hannah called and we had a wonderful conversation. I discovered that they were both from Cardiff, had met and lived in Dubai for four years and that they wanted a photographer from GB who could relate easily to their families and understand what constituted a British wedding. They were both very knowledgeable about photographic style and had concerns that I would be too busy photographing the family groups to be able to shoot the 'fly on the wall' reportage images that they so admired in my work. They also wanted to add in a pre-wedding boudoir session and they had a family BBQ which they wanted covered as well. I suggested to Hannah that I could bring along a second, photographer, Simone. She could give me the freedom to do my reportage work and would be perfect to help shoot the boudoir.


With all these thoughts and ideas in her head, Hannah had a long discussion with Nick when he returned and after a week I received a proposal from Nick which covered my top package plus a fee for the boudoir session, together with airfares, accommodation and incidental expenses for me and Simone. In return I gave ground on the family BBQ evening photography and included that as a 'shoot & burn' without payment.

On Wednesday 8 November we boarded an overnight Virgin flight to Dubai and were met by Hannah and Nick, the following morning, at the airport. They took us to the hotel and assumed we would want to rest after the flight. But I asked what they were doing later in the day and they said all their family were meeting up a Dubai Water Park. I looked at Simone and she nodded. 'We would love to come with you and meet the family' I said. That broke the ice with them and for the rest of the stay we were treated and acted like family friends.

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