Editorial - December 2011-January 2012 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2011


Image - Andrew Dunsmore

Welcome to the pre-Convention, pre-Christmas issue of Professional Imagemaker - is it really 12 months since those words were last used? As this is being written, preparations are in full flow. The 2011 Photographer of the Year has yet to be chosen (that's next weekend's job), ton upon ton of gear is being assembled, ready to be loaded onto the lorries to take it to London; the prints for the 16x20 competition and the infra structure that surrounds the judging are being gathered; the lecturers are hopefully putting the finishing touches to their presentations and warming up their laptops. And so it goes on.

With the usual gathering of the shakers and movers of our industry, the Convention classes offer an exciting mix of sound advice, handson experience, business schooling or just plain fun and inspiration - there really is something to suit every need and taste. This is the one bash that you cannot afford to miss!

Do come up and say hello if you find me wandering about the Novotel. But do please remember to tell me your name when you introduce yourself, not all of you look quite like your bio pictures and my ancient memory is fading - if you find me outside the hotel without my carer, take me back to the main reception helpdesk please.

A couple of news items to finish with, both from Scotland. Loxley Colour have recently created six albums from Andrew Dunsmore's pictures of the royal wedding, which HM the Queen is apparently well chuffed with. Quite a coup this; Chris Kay tells us that they used the Bellissimo Perfetto albums, so if you can't use this little titbit to sell-up your Loxley albums to your clients you need to seek alternative employment!


Image - Trevor Yerbury

The second story is the commissioning of the Yerburys (Trevor and Faye) to shoot 90 portraits to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Earl Haig Poppy Appeal. We hope to feature this prestigious shoot in a future issue of Professional Imagemaker, but for the moment here is one of the images. Shot (as they all are) on a Canham 10x8 film camera, it depicts Jock Dempster, the Chairman of the Russian Artic Convoy Club. He stands proudly in his kilt, immaculately turned out and wearing the white beret of which he and his members are so rightly proud. It is a lovely image of a member of a dwindling band of heroes and will, no doubt, become a defining record of the men who braved the unimaginable cold on the WW II convoys to Murmansk - they are revered to this day by the Russians, they have long memories up there!

On that note, have a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, see you in London.

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