Editorial - January 2005 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/01/2005

I don't normally use this column to rant but could not resist it just this once. I subscribe to that august journal, PC Pro, an excellent publication in every way and a veritable gold mine for all things to do with PC operation.The latest issue contained a feature with the headline "Service Pack 2: the truth". Now for those of you unfamiliar with the inner working of a computer, Service Pack 2 is an upgrade to the Windows XP operating system, which is supposed to close some of the loopholes that should not have been there in the first place. It also has the endearing property of installing itself from the web as an automatic update unless you go in and turn the updater off. It has had a chequered career and PC Pro took it upon themselves to survey their readers to see how they got on with it.The opening paragraph contains the phrases "...appears to have been a largely painless update for millions of PC users. ...readers have given SP2 a cautious thumbs up."

It goes on to say that over 75% of respondents experienced no problems! What are we saying here, 25% did experience problems? Can you imagine owning a car that failed to start at least one day per week and the occasional Saturday as well? If a 25% failure rate is a cautious thumbs up I would like to see what the readership thinks is a poor show. According to Jack Clark of McAffee "...there are massive failings from within the firewall (of XP SP)" so even if you get the little bleeder to install you may still be in the water with the sharks circling.

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1st Published 01/01/2005
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