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by Neil Bremner Published 01/08/2016


Before I even started to set the basic layout out on Wordpress, I worked on sketching out the website's structural tree on paper. This was the path people would take through the website where I wanted to ensure that from each page, you were never more than two clicks away from any other page moving forward and never having to click back. This was something I had missed previously and so having the structure sketched out in front of me would really be the guide when I got in to the build.

I read as much as I could and watched as much as I could on the theme I was working with to ensure that when I started to put it all together, I wasn't doing anything that I would later have to spend hours fixing.

My new Theme X designed website was finally launched in March 2014 and within two days of it going live, the website generated its first voucher sale. Over the coming few months the organic Google finds increased dramatically and more importantly the phone was ringing with potential clients who found confidence in how professional the website looked.


It's incredibly easy to underestimate how important the overall look of a website is to first impressions but as I said previously, your website is your shop window and you want your shop window to stop people in their tracks and to come in through the door.

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