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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2010


Colour Confidence have moved into new, out-of-town premises on the outskirts of Birmingham. This has two significant benefits to their ever-growing customer base: the place is very easy to get to (just off J3 of the M5) and they have room to show off their monitors (in particular). Above all other devices that the photographer may purchase, the monitor needs to be 'looked at' before you buy. Of all the decisions it is the one you will have to live with all day, every day - very little that you do will not pass across your computer screen at some stage, but even your camera is likely to have occasional days off!

And so it was that the authors pitched up in Birmingham, B32, credit cards warmed up and ready to go. We had no intention of leaving without a monitor each, but needed to 'feel the merchandise' before we loaded them into the back of the car.


olour Confidence are specialists in colour. What they do is described by Marketing Manager, Javan Bramhall (one of our hosts for the day) as 'adding value to colour-based purchasing'. If the item has a requirement, or ability, to control colour, then they are interested. The company formed as Typemaker about 25 years ago, serving the pottery industry in their plate-making activities (that's plates you eat dinner off not print magazines with!). If you think that getting ink onto a page as the right colour is hard, try it when it has to go onto a pot and then be revved up to about 1,000° centigrade!

Such were the origins of the company but, as the making of fine potttery has declined, they have diversified into the newer colour technologies, mainly based around digital and including both the press and photography sectors. They now employ around 40 staff and have technically supported outlets in Germany, Spain, France, Poland and the Benelux countries. Despite tough trading conditions they grew 29% year on year between 08-09 and 09-10.

The new offices extend across 10,000 square feet and they have additional warehousing and palette-handling facilities in a unit next door. The available space is yet to be fully utilised and plans are afoot for more show space and offices with the possibility of a small seminar space as well.

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1st Published 01/06/2010
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