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by Damien Lovegrove Published 01/10/2016


I recall a conversation with Damien Lovegrove in the Hilton foyer at Convention 16. He was dragging a vast case and was en route to someplace exotic and at the time I had vague plans about using some of his images from the Fuji systems that he was using extensively. In the way of things, nothing much came to pass and the feature was put to one side.

It came as a pleasant surprise when the two ebooks of this review popped up on the desk - the maestro has certainly been busy! Lavishly illustrated with gorgeous models and images this ebook must be one of the most readable system 'guides' ever written- they are normally skinny, cartoon-illustrated things in about 15 languages!


The guide is in PDF format with built-in navigation and runs to 92 pages, only a small handful of which do not contain images. The design by Luke Knight has been much praised and certainly helps to show off the text and pictures at their best.

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1st Published 01/10/2016
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