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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/08/2009


Next I think to myself, 'How can I get back to that creative, artistic space again?'

As you already know, it feels so elusive sometimes. It is very easy to fall into the same old mundane routing. I try very hard to put myself in another world. I feel that when I am creating, I am in a trance. I would describe it as one mode of creative freedom.

I find creativity because of the desire to know it, not by luck. Ok, maybe a little luck, I think, as an artist, one must constantly change or fall into trap of not caring anymore. So here are some of my reasons for better creativity and, more importantly, how to get there. Greater flow of creativity and productivity translates either directly or indirectly into greater income, especially if you're a freelance or work for yourself. It's also possible to lose the flow, if you don't sustain the necessary creative environment. What's necessary for achieving this state of mind? Mental stimuli and breaks from whatever you're doing 'right now'. At least, that's been my experience,


How I get to that Place?

As you know I am very much about motivation and getting myself 'pumped up'. I look for music, sometimes music without lyrics, but more often music that has lyrics I can sing to. I DO sing! I sing and feel the mood of the singer, then make it my own. I let it fly. You should see me sing Lionel Richie. I can do it All Night Long. I look for ways to break rules and more importantly do things that nobody else would try. Oh! Those ridiculous rules that bind up everything, make the right lines, add only proper light, don't tilt the camera, watch the horizon, etc. Those rules only cause me to create photos that are acceptable to traditionalists. In other words I am bored and going through the motions. I cannot be great, or special, or unique by following the rules. I need to go to another place. How do I get there? You must take the technical side out of the game and create with heart, create from emotion. Fill your photos with every emotion possible. Be it wedding art, portrait art - create a wedding fantasy as real as you decide it can be.

The crucial ingredient is a constant stream of input. You have everything you need right on the web before your very eyes. My own experience is that when you 'feed your brain,' with stimuli (text, images, video, audio) from several niches, you cause the opportunity for ideas to intersect.

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