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by Jane Conner-ziser Published 01/10/2014


Light Four / Reflected Light

Reflected light is light bouncing in from a source other than the main light; like a reflector. Reflected lights add additional shape and definition to the object illuminated. In addition, reflected lights often contain colour because: "the colour of the object illuminated partakes of the colour of that which illuminates it" - Leonardo di Vinci. Look for reflected lights when you are photographing so you can use them to add accent shapes to the contours of the subjects you are photographing.

Light Five / Shadow

The shadow positions the object in relation to its surroundings and also communicates the shape and texture of the surrounding areas. The shadow a person casts upon grass takes on the texture and shapes of the grass. The same shadow cast upon a flat wall will replicate a direct outline of the subject. Shadows are used when making image composites to tie new objects into the base image.


Mastery of the Five Lights of Nature gives you powerful control over any art form you desire to work with. Photographs become breathtakingly beautiful, retouching becomes a work of art and paintings achieve the status of timeless masterpieces. Did you know that one of the first signs of a fledgling artist is their fear to use depth - their fear to use light and their ignorance of how to use light effectively? Learn to see, feel and create lighting in your work and your knowledge will allow you to achieve a higher plane of excellence.

Jane Conner-ziser is a photographer, digital artist, premier educator and independent consultant. With over 25 years of experience, 19 of them in digital imaging and evolving technologies, the techniques Jane developed for facial retouching and enhancement, and portrait painting are widely emulated by photographers and digital artists worldwide through her classes and educational products. Considered to be one of the most versatile artists in the industry, Jane's engaging style, impressive knowledge of her field, and her easy and entertaining way of presenting challenging material make her one of the most significant educators in the industry today.

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