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by Tony Tang Published 01/06/2012


Tony's Tips

1. In a studio and on location when using flash, always try to use a flash meter pointing at the individual light source instead of just straight at camera. Four stops down from meter reading should give you a full black in digital photography. Minus 2 stops is good for filling in shadow. During normal, available light photography, minus 2 stops on speed light setting helps fill in shadows under the eyes and helps iron out wrinkles and any green colour cast from being under trees. However, in a back light situation, when subject is wearing a lot of white, eg bridal wear, minus 1 stop will do, as the camera metering tends to under-expose a little anyway.


2. Hair stying tips. Brush hair slowly and apply a little firm hair spray. Brushing hair too fast and too hard creates static electricity and it becomes more flyaway. Watch out for stray hairs over cheek and eyes as these are hard to fix later. Make sure to advise your model to have their hair coloured or highlights touched up before the photo session. Also have them get their fringe trimmed so as notto be in eyes.

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