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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2005


The Dmax, the maximum black printed are between 1.53 and 1.57 - typical for high-quality matte and art papers. All the papers blocked out below 25RGB points - typical for profile build with our equipment. The High White Smooth held on to just a little more highlight detail above the 245 RGB mark. This was confirmed by the grey linearity plot but the difference would barely show in magazine reproduction.

While there is nothing to mark these papers from others in their class; they will stand comfortably alongside the best that is around. You may safely choose on cost and your own like or dislike of the surface - we preferred the natural textured for it sumptuous creamy feels and "big" texture.


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Since the company first started trading we have supported the darkroom worker in the quest for printing perfection. Our range includes high-quality chemicals to produce good-quality prints and these are supplemented with a range of toners for post production toning and tinting techniques. Fotospeed is committed to the darkroom worker and will continue to do so as long as there is a requirement.

As the digital age developed and more and more photographers have moved in that direction, Fotospeed has endeavoured to provide the complete printing solution. In that respect we now have a wide range of high quality art papers in the Extended Gamut (EG) range which are designed to overcome the limited gamut capabilities of pigment inks. This range of papers is supplemented with other papers that are particularly suited to pigment inks, the preferred choice of many professional as well as amateur photographers. In particular, is our recently introduced Ft Canvas available in lustre or matt finish, which is stretch- and crack-proof, ideally suited to use on stretcher frames. This is proving to be a popular product with all who try it. Additionally, Fotospeed is the prime Hahnemuhle distributor to the photographic market in the UK.

As well as providing a wide range of high quality papers, we can provide bulk inkflow systems for a range of Canon and Epson printers, including wide format, which will save photographers a large amount of money whilst providing a high quality ink.

One of the main difficulties of inkjet printing is the ability to reproduce on printers what is seen on screen. The only viable solution is colour management and Fotospeed can provide the colour management service the photographer needs by providing bespoke printer/paper/ink profiles. This personal service is provided free of charge for all photographers who 51 are using Fotospeed papers. For all other options a small charge is made, but this still represents value for money in that accurate colour on a consistent basis is the end result.

Fotospeed is always on the lookout for new products of interest to photographers. A recent addition to our range is a selfadhesive matt paper. This new product has a smooth, flat matt surface with a peelable backing that is removed once printed on making the product suitable for a number of applications.

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