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These working views are then dealt with as follows. We drop the images, before our client sees them, into a presentation software package such asDave newman group

Ulead, then rotate, crop etc. ready for client viewing to music in our comfortable homey theater. Images are projected directly onto a bold white wall, for several reasons (hold off on frame sales, as yet) . Final image selections are projected onto actual blank white canvas panels, which are stretched for appearance and introducing the possible upgrading of this image to this profit-laden finish. Now Make that order!


We're not finished yet! Selling a "sampler" copy protected disc with all images can also be prepared in minutes, after the Ulead preparation and viewing, using a program called Foto Angelo 1:1 (avail. for PC only). This can be prepared for sales, shipping, previewing or internet usage, all containing music backgrounds, in less than three minutes. Do we sell this Foto Angelo disc? Yes indeed! We do, however, reduce the price of this "sampler" as the sale escalates . As an incentive, we gift the sampler when sales reach our specified goal. As a standalone purchase it must, of course, be seriously priced. This exe program is difficult to impossible to print from, but provides an interesting, fun preview presentation with your log, address, phone number tag after the final image in the series is presented.

Presenting your images to larger groups of people can be best done with an e.commerce Site such as our favorite EZ-Post. This company provides website hosting as well as Easy to use presentation of our weddings, out-of-town clients, special party events, and etc. We pay .05 (US) for each image posted and each image can be compared to any other posted image by our clients from Burma to Squirrel Creek Idaho . Yes, that's right, side by side comparisons, black and white or coloured are exactly what clients love most of all.

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