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by Carol Steele Published 01/04/2001


There have been many reviews of this camera and I would ask the reader to visit either the Fuji web site (www.fujifi or the excellent digital camera review site created by Phil Askey at The camera itself was relatively easy to understand, even though I have never used a digital camera in the past and all the settings are very easy to make and comprehend. The camera itself can be made to operate at between an equivalent of ISO320 to ISO1600. The slower 'fi lm' speed can be a bit of a hindrance when working at weddings and you wish to use a fi ll-in fl ash as the fastest synch speed is a meagre 1/125th sec which means high apertures with no out of focus backgrounds. Fuji would be well recommended to increase the ISO range of the camera to accomodate an ISO100 equivalent setting and to increase the fl ash synchronisation speed to at least double. However, the higher film speeds come into their own when photographing inside the church (see Fig 1) and if you are doing wedding portraits of the couple indoors or in a very shady location. One of the other drawbacks is the limited utilisation of the facilities of the SB28 Nikon flash unit.


For instance you cannot set a lower fl ash output compared to the available light in TTL flash mode, you have to use Aperture Mode on the flash unit which can lead to mistakes if you are constantly changing lens apertures.

One of the other nice aspects of using a digital camera is the ability to produce black and white or sepia toned images without the need to change fi lms or resort to printing on specialist papers. You can even combine the effects to say keep the bride's bouquet in colour whilst converting the couple to sepia tone (see Fig 2).

If you are planning to have traditional photographic images printed out rather than doing a digital album, then your images can be sent to one of the reputable companies outputting digital fi les back onto photographic paper (e.g. Loxley Colour Labs in Glasgow - 0141 333 9444 ask to speak to Chris Kaye) then you can go for that option.

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1st Published 01/04/2001
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