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by Carol Steele Published 01/04/2001


Rather than go for the traditional previews (it can start to get expensive having 200 images printed to 8"x6") what I am doing now is using my Epson 2000P inkjet printer to print out a couple of A3+ sheets with thumbnails of the images on them. For this purpose I use a program called ThumbsPlus which is superb at doing this (a trial version of the program can be downloaded from and I also make a computer slide show in a program called Slides and Sounds (again a trial version of the program is available for downloading from which I then write to a CD. I have found that most couples these days have a computer and so this has not proved to be a problem to date. The same technique is also used to show the results from studio portrait sittings and sales have been good to date. Once the order comes back, these can be sent to Loxley's for printing.


The slide show generated is in the form of an EXE fi le, the couple don't need the program on their computer to be able to see the show - and the images cannot be accessed individually and so cannot be used by them to print out their own images.

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1st Published 01/04/2001
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