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by Mike McNamee Published 01/07/2016


As with many things Photoshop it is difficult to express in words the 'howto' of the method and we list some resources in the call-out box on the following page. Julianne Kost gives a great explanation (as ever!), Aaron Nace gives a good account. On Phlearn, the presenter dribbles about a bit and ends up neutralising the effect which is quite the opposite to what he starts off trying to do (we think!). Jesus Ramirez is quite entertaining, and rambling, but gets there in the end.


If you study the entries to our monthly competition you soon note that other things are going on. The basic colour grading is further re-enforced with either glow (softening) or hardening with some effect-driven over-sharpening. You can also add to this some of the classic HDR looks. The slightly harsh effect has been used a lot on male-based sports portraiture as typified by Clive Hall in the last issue. The use of 'clarity' and/or 'structure' sliders also produces a harshness that is sought by some - it is often difficult to detect the difference between high-pass oversharpening and a good dose of Clarity. A lot of negative Clarity brings about a softening effect.

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