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In order to proof at Fogra standards you will need a printer (usually an Epson wide-format, from the 3880 upwards), a spectrophotometer (usually an Eye-One Pro), and compliant RIP software. You will be lucky to get out of the shop with less than eight grand missing from your wallet! On the plus side you will never ever have to fret about your colour accuracy again.

Beyond pictures
For simpler jobs or for larger photographic studios there is an income stream to be had in creating brochures completely in house and then passing the complete pdf files out to press. As a starter you need to understand the pass4press protocols and follow them.

They are so precise that following the guidelines should almost guarantee success but first you must acquire, InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Professional and learn to use them.


Bugs Report
Remember we said in the last issue that we were leery of using the very latest versions of software? Well, if you take a look closely you will see we were right to worry. Got it yet?

Apologies to Jon Ashton arps aswip, Sarah Mimms dls and Tom Lee fswpp all of whom had their qualifications butchered by InDesign (and any other we have missed). Just so it sneaked by, InDesign only does it when you have proof read and 'packaged' the file. We package the file as we make the final pdfs and the application makes a folder called 'Document Fonts' which is supposed to help when you don't have the fonts installed - only it doesn't! Here's hoping it's worked this time. For anybody elese in trouble, the bug fix is to rename the 'Document Fonts' folder so that InDesign can no longer see it and is forced into using the system fonts. Pah!

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