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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2013


Listening to Victoria speak is inspirational and it's easy to understand why there is such good feedback from her seminars across the world. In fact Victoria has impressed so many on the global stage that she has been invited to give a multi-day workshop at CreativeLIVE in Seattle this coming 3-5 October. 'I don't think it's even sunk in yet' she says. 'At first I was petrified because it's such an honour to be asked to be part of something so big and it's live! But now I'm really excited about it because I think it will be an incredible journey for me.'

All the more reason to pre book a place on Victoria's seminars at the Societies' Convention 2014 because they are sure to be popular amongst those looking to add cinematography to their photography business. 'I don't think we should be stuck in a box as a photographer, a videographer or a business person' Victoria tells me. 'We should just be creative and use the tools that technology is giving us. We're in a great position as photographers to move into other areas because we already know about lighting, we already know about posing and we already have wedding, portrait and commercial clients. It's a very easy upsell.'


This year Victoria will be leading an exciting 'hands on' Superclass on dSLR filming. Participants will get to shoot alongside Victoria and have a go with some of the equipment that she would use to film a wedding or portrait shoot. The focus will be on how to tell stories with shot choice and on technical issues such as how to focus and light for cinematography. 'You can only improve your story-telling with practice. You have to visualise, shoot and review just like with photography, as well as learn how to use the surroundings that are there on the day. I'm going to demonstrate the secrets of the trade and there are many secrets a photographer needs to know to pull off filming on a wedding day or portrait shoot'. She will also be showing behind the scenes footage from her trips overseas as well as raw footage explaining her shot anticipation and then how she would edit the sequences.

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