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by Andy Cubin Published 01/12/2012


Welcome to the fourth instalment of Posing Pouch - a head-to-toe breakdown of posing ideas to help the photographer get the best from his or her model or subject.

In this edition we will look at hands, the problems with their posing, and suggested solutions to help the reader continue to piece together their overall posing jigsaw.

Hands can be somewhat problematic to pose well; they can look big, bright, awkward and generally out of place unless placed correctly. In order to establish a set of guidelines (not rules, mind!) to make posing hands easy and systematic, it is important to analyse the problem areas and, as a result, come up with some solutions.


I have broken down these problem areas into four categories.

1. Age and Complexion

2. Size

3. Reflectivity

4. Being a man!

1. Age and Complexion - make-up and well-directed lighting can wipe decades off the appearance of a face, but sadly not so with hands - especially the backs of them. We all have arteries, veins, knuckles and finger joints that stick up or wrinkle despite any blessings we may have been awarded in the looks department. The signs of ageing are embedded on the backs of our hands and are there for all to see if we choose to display them.

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1st Published 01/12/2012
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