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Published 10/04/2015


If I'm right, DSLRs will become the new medium formats, increasingly relegated to studio environments and high-end work. My guess is DX might survive for a while but will soon take the mirrorless route too. Nikon and Canon will hopefully finally realise that their best option is to convert their DX users into mirrorless DX users, making the cameras smaller, cheaper and able to use the many DX lenses available with an adaptor until new ones are created specifically for the mirrorless format. Oh, right - that's what Olympus just did with Four Thirds! I'm betting that mirrorless cameras will rule the future. The technology is maturing fast, and will very soon catch up with SLR performance. Indeed I believe it's already nearly there. I've read of a myriad of pros switching to M43, and the main reason is size and weight. Of course there will be some compromise, but the gap is closing very fast, and I personally think that I can live with the compromises to save a kilo of weight on my next trip to Paris. Now, I just have to try it and see for myself.

Sergio's updated thoughts in CSC:

  • I have found them good enough for my needs. Prints I made for the exhibition came out pretty nice.
  • They don't have the same low light performance as FF of course, but I've shot at 3200 with very reasonable performance.
  • I found that in the dancer series the camera was hunting a little too much.Granted, the light was very low and the dancer was moving constantly so I wouldn't know how an FF camera would have performed but I did have some difficulty with this. In all other situations, however, I have had no issues.
  • Overall, I am happy to live with the drawbacks and compromise for the weight, size and cost advantages. I think it's a great value balance. Of course, if you have deep pockets and an absolute need for flawless images at extreme conditions, FF is still the road to go

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