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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2013


While Imagemaker struggled towards its 100th page, the Convention was born; little did the office know what it was letting itself in for! The Jones's and Tom Lee had recently returned from WPPI and plans were laid to have our own version. I have a notebook with sketches of the floor layout of the Suites Hotel in Liverpool. Four seminars were delivered followed by the first awards dinner on 12 January 2003. The event was reported in issue 5, which by that time had reached 36 pages and included nine adverts! The back cover advertised an Olympus E20P complete with a 5 megapixel chip, about half of what is used in the average mobile phone today. It was inconceivable at that time to think of taking over a 1,054-bedroom hotel in the centre of London for the best part of a week with lecturers and delegates from every corner of the world!

So apologies for this rather self-indulgent walk down memory lane but it would be wrong not to finish by acknowledging the part played by you, the readers and members over the last 70 issues. Your work has consistently lifted the quality to where it stands today; without you we would still be at about 20 pages per issue. One of the unsung heroes of production is our proof reader, Shirley Lamb, who has laboured through almost every one of the 1.75 million words that have been committed to paper and kept our worst howlers from your eyes, any remaining errors I will take personal responsibility for!

Mike McNamee

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