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by Mimika Cooney Published 01/01/2014


How ugly is your baby? Every mum thinks her baby is the most beautiful in the world, and rightly so. We carried and birthed our baby throughout the pains and discomfort of pregnancy and no matter what anyone else thinks, we love our baby regardless.

I'm a mum to three gorgeous kids (I know, I'm biased), but today I'm not talking about my children. Have you considered that even though you love your business and your photography, that perhaps you're biased?

Sometimes it helps to look at things objectively from another person's point of view to really understand a buyer's behaviour.

Have you asked yourself recently: "What makes my clients buy from me?"

What I love about travelling to the British photography conventions is the honest and truthful answers I get, no sugar coating. It's invaluable entering print competitions, because you get the feedback needed to push you to do better and create the best art you can create. What's the point of your friends and family telling you how wonderful your photography is, if it isn't really true (they're biased right)? All the while you can't figure out why business isn't booming and you can't get ahead of the competition.

When I went to The Societies' 2013 Convention to teach two photography workshops, I made sure to make time to sit in on classes. One of my favourites was with renowned British fashion and portrait photographer, Damian McGillicuddy, who is known for speaking his mind. With a direct approach and somewhat 'potty mouth' (be prepared for lots of F bombs), his approach is to ignite a reaction. Of course, his work is totally fabulous and his use of lighting superb, which is no wonder he is in high demand.

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1st Published 01/01/2014
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