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by Mike Sapiecha Published 01/01/2014


Helen now works with her father in the business that has been relocated to Malta. "We offer a unique view and approach, where we concentrate on the emotional contact between couples," says Mike. "We also offer a fine art approach to our shoot-only digital weddings."

With so much experience under his belt, Mike is in the perfect position to advise others who might be coming into the profession on how to establish themselves and reach out to an increasingly discerning audience. It's perhaps no surprise to learn that he has strong views on the subject and, in his mind, success has very little to do with the price tag of the camera that you might have tucked in your gadget bag.


"In my mind there is one things that can make you stand out above the other photographers out there," says Mike. "Quite simply, it's connection. There has to be a connection between you and the subject or, at a wedding, you should be looking to capture the connection that exists between the bride and groom. You want to be capturing the moments when they're reacting to each other. If you're serious about being involved in people photography then you have to realise that the camera is not a shield to hide behind: rather it should be the tool that draws you into your subject's world, and which will allow you to draw them into yours."

Although now semi-retired from the professional business, there's no danger just yet of Mike laying down his cameras and concentrating on the allotment. Instead he's still actively involved in his fine art and people-based projects, and his ability to put his subjects at ease in front of the camera is being put to good use as he gets more involved in teaching and fashion and beauty

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