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by John Denton Published 02/02/2015


That set the theme for the rest of the week. So many new people to meet, so many wonderful experiences and enough photographs of me to spend the rest of my life reviewing them. Thanks to everyone for making me so welcome.

Finally home I can't believe that a month ago I didn't even know there was such a thing as The Societies' Convention. Now I've been a part of it and really hope I can do the same again next year. Thanks to Juliet, Phil, all the photographers I worked with and especially John who put his trust in me and allowed me to be a part of the show. I'll be working with a lot more shows over the year so come and join us if you can.

I've been asked if there were any particular highlights of the week and one moment really does stick out. It's not particularly a highlight, but on Friday night I was standing on a wall at the side of the Thames. The wind was chilling me to the bone and a flash was being fired in my face just to liven things up even more. Suddenly I had a flashback to Sydney and it all seemed a very long way away, but you know what? I wouldn't have swapped back for the world!

For some of the images I shot with John and links to our upcoming

workshops visit:


A note from JD before his pencil broke:

As the sun sets on another Convention am I alone in thinking it the best yet? I loved this year, felt at home at the Hilton and loved the tweaks to Awards Night.

Nine classes in five days really stretched me but, with the assistance of my model Charlotte, I know we delivered learning and fun to hundreds of photographers. Thousands, if you add in the live audience on Sandy Puc TV on the Saturday morning.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the week. In the next edition of Imagemaker I'll be talking through the lighting techniques used.

Thanks to everyone who took time to say hello over the week, already planning next year #Societies2016".

And a glowing report from attendee, John Holliday:

Thank you for the great superclass at the Belt Craft studios last Wednesday. The location was certainly different from a conventional studio and there was ample space for everybody.

Charlotte was a fabulous model; it cannot be easy to work with a number of strangers while holding the same pose for everybody to take their shots.

I have attached five of my favourite shots. More of the images I took can be seen on my web gallery.
John Holliday

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