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Published 01/12/2013


Changing careers is a decision that should never be taken lightly, but in today's world it's something that has become very commonplace. Linda Johnstone has come to photography as her second career and has a renewed sense of energy in her life as a result.

'Life is too short!' Linda exclaims shortly after we start speaking. 'There used to be this idea that you would leave school and do a job for life, but not anymore. These days it's quite acceptable to change careers.'

Of course the difficulty usually is that actually changing your career is the easy bit, it's the internal battle with yourself that is the hardest part. Linda tells me: 'It's only our mind's limitation that stops us from changing career, but at least it doesn't matter anymore at what age you do it.'


We all have our own reasons for enjoying photography, but for Linda it is very clear. 'It stimulates the soul.'

Linda explains that she has always had experimental hobbies: 'Being creative was always important to me, so it was just a case of eventually finding the right outlet that I really loved.' Living in the Lake District for a time was one of Linda's inspirations for photography. 'I started photographing everything you could possibly imagine, but after a while I realised I preferred shooting things that breathed. Mountains were nice to look at but not so much fun to take photos of. I very quickly progressed to people and animals.'

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