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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016


Searching on the internet can bring up some really inspirational uses of font-based graphic design

Adobe Kuler

In pre-digital days you might have created a mood board by pinning materials down side-by-side and eyeballing the effect. Interior designers still do this with fabrics for curtains, upholstery, paint and wall-paper.

Today, with one mouse click on an image, Adobe Kuler will deliver a set of five colour swatches almost guaranteed to harmonise because they are selected directly from the image itself. The patch set may then be migrated directly into your Swatches palette for use and even emailed across the world for somebody else to approve. Got no picture

Right Side or Left?

... some recent headlines challenge the left brain/right brain dichotomy.

One highly publicised paper, summarised at The Guardian, failed to find evidence that individuals tend to have stronger left- or right-sided brain networks. A new book by Stephen M. Kosslyn and G. Wayne Miller argues that the left/right brain divide is largely bogus...

...The claim that the left hemisphere is the seat of language, however, is a little different. That idea comes from observations that damage to the left hemisphere (for example, due to a stroke) is often associated with difficulties producing language, a problem known as aphasia. Similar damage to the right hemisphere is much less likely to cause aphasia.

In fact, for most people, the left hemisphere does play a much more important role in the ability to speak than the right hemisphere does...

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